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[Court Continuations!] (Possibly NSFW)

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Re: Allen

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Ah... no, I think I can carry her fine.
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[his daemon whispers conspiratorially:]

He's not all that educated.
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No schooling. Gutter trash.

[and tyki thwaps her lightly on the nose] Oi, that's a harsh way to put it.
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I'm sure the library will be more helpful once my friends are done teaching me how to fully read?

Good quote, though.

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Re: Izaya

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More or less.

We at least had a mutual understanding, though the you I knew best did owe me quite a lot.
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Didn't I just give you information?

In any case, I could tell you various shenanigans your other selves got into.
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[humored or not, it's no skin off Barakiel's nose. he doesn't have much of an ego to bruise.]

I've been in and out for...a while. I'm not quite sure how long it is altogether.
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[ She pauses. Her daemon pulls his ears back against his head. ]

You're still in Clubs?

"We prefer the inn."
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"It's not about the accommodations—"

[ The daemon begins explaining but actually stops suddenly when Cecil raises her hand to quiet him. The wolf doesn't seem happy, but at least he doesn't protest against her silencing him. ]

It's fine. I cannot go on simply hiding in my room forever while I'm here. And you really do not want to get lost in the Labyrinth.

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[ Suzaku jerks back, startled! ]

I-- Oh. [ And then, flustering a bit. ] I'm sorry.
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For being the one you got trapped with. [ Is this not obviously something to be sorry for? :|a ]

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