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[OOC][Lost Raiders] Stats/Objectives (NSFW)


Canon w/ Court CRAU
Apa | [ profile] demiurgic

Appearance Lavi is 6'1"/185 cm, well-built, with flaming red hair and green eyes. He always keeps his right eye covered, even when sleeping/bathing. He has appalling fashion sense, though, and should not really be allowed to choose his own wardrobe. Reference pic! He wears three accessories: a pair of red hoop earrings, one in each ear; a length of red cord wrapped around his left wrist and tied (if you know Yu Kanda, it might look familiar); and a simple silver ring (like this) on his right index finger.

Abilities Lavi has an eidetic memory, meaning he remembers anything he is exposed to (via sight/touch/smell/sound/taste/etc.) down to the smallest detail. Sometimes he needs to be prompted to remember, but it's there. Physically, Lavi has studied martial arts since he was seven, and can fight with a knife or staff. He also carries a special weapon, Iron Hammer, that can change size or length, depending on what Lavi needs. The hammer also allows him to call upon "seals", which control elements.



⚫ Possessiveness
⚫ Getting topped (sexy or platonic)

At his heart, Lavi is a cheerful, outgoing, and overall happy person. That part of him has been smothered under twelve years of Bookman training, which has given him more of a cynical and disillusioned outlook toward the world. For more than a decade, he has shuttled from location to location, studying conflict. In his opinion, humanity is pretty worthless, and exists only to ruin their beautiful accomplishments with war and fighting. For a long time, he believed this was true of everyone, except Bookman (his mentor), and himself (as Bookman's apprentice). After a prolonged stay in the Black Order, where he has found comrades and friends for the first time, Lavi has come to think some humans are better than others. On the whole, he dislikes humanity. Also, his time in the Black Order has made him incredibly paranoid -- Exorcists must look at most people as potential tools/allies for the Millennium Earl, and your friend today can be your enemy tomorrow. However, there are individual humans he is hopelessly fond of.

That presents him with a different problem: as Bookman's apprentice, he is not to have any attachments. Bookman must be completely neutral, so he can record history's secrets objectively. Bookman is an observer, a secret-keeper, unmoved by what he sees or experiences. As Bookman-in-training, Lavi (which isn't even his real name -- he abandoned that when he was seven for a series of aliases. "Lavi" is his forty-ninth assumed name.) is expected to adhere to the same rules. Technically, he and Bookman aren't supposed to have any attachment to each other; if one occurs, they are not allowed to acknowlege it.

Despite his best intentions, Lavi has developed attachments. A handful of his comrades in the Black Order are very important to him, and the idea of discarding them, pretending they didn't matter, causes Lavi a great deal of distress. At the same time, admitting to those attachments could jeopardize everything he's worked for, everything he still wants very much: to be the next Bookman, and learn everything there is to learn.

When Lavi came to Court, he came at a time when he'd been kidnapped by the Order's enemies, and tortured in order to extract information from Bookman. His time in Court has included a great deal of conflicted emotions -- many of the events rely on emotions (real or influenced by outside forces) and Lavi was forming more friendships, more attachments. He was subjected to a Heart Game, which resulted in a very important change he is unaware of: one participant in his Heart Game implanted two ideas: "Lavi" is more than just a name, "Lavi is a person; and Lavi was loved and he should not forsake the friendships he had. While he still wants, more than anything, to become Bookman's successor, he is not willing to give up his attachments.

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