Lavi ([personal profile] neverforgets) wrote2020-01-02 04:00 pm
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[OOC][Lost Raiders] Permissions


IC Permissions
Hugging: Yes! If he sees your character coming, go for it. If it's a sneak attack, he might pull a knife on them.
Kissing: Sure!
Flirting: Sure! He will flirt back, really badly.
Fighting: Sure! Lavi is a badass normal without his magic hammer. With his magic hammer, he can really do some damage. If not sure, please ask!
Injuring: Sure! Though if you want to do something permanent, let's plan it out.
Killing: Ask first!
Telepathy: Sure! Just let me know it's happening. Lavi doesn't have powers or training to block such a thing.
Mind Control: Absolutely.

OOC Permissions:
Backtagging: Yes, please.
Threadjacking: Unless it's a really involved thread, sure. If not sure, please ask!
Fourth Wall: Please don't!
Offensive Subjects: Nothing I can think of!

General Things:
- Lavi wears an eye patch, and canon hasn't told us what's behind it, or what it's for. So, please don't do anything to take/remove it without talking to me first.

Kinky Things:
- Hard No: scat or water sports.
- Discuss first: gore/vore, cannibalism, non-con
- Yes, please: Anything else, including dub-con.

ICly, Lavi has issues with bondage. OOCly, I am totally fine with it, but he will fight/argue/protest.

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