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Court Info (NSFW)

Name LAVI (neverforgets, d.gray-man)
Rank Knight
LIVING Clubs, 9th Floor/Allen's room in Diamonds

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE NOTES Lavi is 6'1"/185 cm, well-built, with flaming red hair and green eyes. He always keeps his right eye covered, even when sleeping/bathing. He has appalling fashion sense, though, and should not really be allowed to choose his own wardrobe. Reference pic! He wears three accessories: a pair of red hoop earrings, one in each ear; a length of red cord wrapped around his left wrist and tied (if you know Yu Kanda, it might look familiar); and a simple silver ring (like this) on his right index finger (servant's token).

☆ cuddling ($/♥♥)
☆ anonymous partner ($$$/♥♥)
☆ kissing ($$/♥♥♥)
☆ hate sex ($$/♥♥)
☆ forced/dubious consent ($$$$/♥♥)
☆ body painting (giving/receiving) ($$/♥♥♥)

★ mastering a new subject ($$$/♥♥♥♥♥)
★ giving a blowjob ($$/♥)
★ being emotionally/mentally topped ($$/♥♥♥♥)

For the past 3+ months, Lavi has been in captivity at the hands of Cyril Kamelot, Fiddler, and (occasionally) Tyki Mikk. He was infected with a strange parasite, then tortured -- all to convince his mentor, Bookman, to reveal secrets about the 14th Noah. As far as Lavi knows, his presence in Court comes from someone approaching him in and offering power -- and more importantly, escape -- if he came away. It was a moment of weakness, but he accepted, leaving the Noah, and Bookman behind. Lavi's general nature is to be cheerful, playful, and friendly. At least, that's how he presents himself. Below the surface, he is deeply paranoid, cynical, and he finds humanity (with very few exception) disgusting and worthless. The time spent at the hands of the Noah has made some of that worse. His goal in Court is vague, he wants the power to "fix things". Maybe that is to get rid of the Earl, maybe it's to erase his own heart so he'll be a proper successor to Bookman. Maybe it's to banish the 14th from Allen so his friend will be able to do what he needs to to save the world, or maybe it's to obtain omniscience -- to know everything about everything. He is still trying to figure that out.
A note re: Lavi's objectives: Right now in Court, Lavi's objectives coincide more with his emotional state than they might otherwise. Things that make him feel good don't generate a lot of money, while things that will make him seriously uncomfortable will earn him more. Such is his conflict with being Bookman vs Exorcist, and also with the trauma inflicted on him by the Noah. As he develops, things may balance a little more with different objectives.

code modified from [community profile] cawaii's original

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